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Improved Project Management and Bug Fixes

CommandGit version 1.4 is now available πŸŽ‰πŸ˜ƒ

Introducing several new features and improvements to enhance the user experience and streamline project management.

Key Features

One of the key features in this release is the ability to capture project notes. This feature allows users to easily document important information about their projects, such as notes on specific commands, project requirements, or other relevant details. This information can be accessed from the project screen, making it easy to refer back to at any time. Additionally, users can also add notes to individual commands, making it easy to remember why a certain command was added or what it is used for.

The project and Git command window path verification has been fixed. This bug caused the application to sometimes not properly verify the path of the project or command, resulting in errors when running commands. This issue has now been resolved, ensuring that the application runs smoothly and reliably.

More Features

Another feature added in this release is the ability to set a project as a default project to load at startup. This feature allows users to quickly access the project they work on most frequently, without having to manually navigate to it every time the application is launched.

Performance improvements have also been made to project switching, making it faster and more efficient to switch between projects. This feature allows for more streamlined and productive workflows, allowing users to quickly access the project they need without any delay.

Several minor bug fixes have been made as well to improve the overall stability and reliability of the application. These bug fixes include fixing minor issues with the user interface, improving the performance of certain features, and resolving other small bugs that have been reported.


With these new enhancements, CommandGit continues to be a valuable tool for managing commands and projects. The added ability to capture project notes and set a default project, as well as the improved path verification and project switching performance, make it easier than ever to organize and manage multiple projects at once. The ability to add notes to individual commands also allows for better documentation and understanding of specific command usage.

Additionally, the bug fixes included in this release ensure that the application runs smoothly and efficiently, with less risk of errors or unexpected issues. This allows users to focus on their work and not have to worry about the application causing disruptions or delays.

CommandGit version 1.4 is a great step forward in terms of project management and overall user experience. The new features and improvements make it a more powerful tool for developers, and the bug fixes make it more reliable and stable. We are always looking to improve the application and welcome feedback from users.

The application is free to downloadπŸ“₯ and try out, with a trial period available. And if you find it useful, you can purchase a license to continue using it. With CommandGit, developers can easily manage their projects and commands, streamline their workflows, and improve their productivity. With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, CommandGit is a valuable tool for any developer looking to improve their command line experience.

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