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CommandGit unable to open the Windows Terminal

Solution: User Permissions and CommandGit Access

Sometimes, your user privileges may prevent CommandGit from accessing the Windows Terminal to send tab-switching commands (e.g., Ctrl+Shift+#). Here’s how you can address this:

Avoid Tab Switching Commands: Refrain from using commands like Ctrl+Shift+[TAB NUMBER] as startup commands. Instead, configure Windows Terminal to open your preferred tab by default. Use CommandGit to switch contexts within the same tab:

  • For Windows Terminal on Command Prompt or PowerShell: Use a command like wsl -d Ubuntu-20.04 to switch to Linux Ubuntu 20.04.
  • For Windows Terminal on PowerShell: Enter bash to switch to the Linux bash environment.
  • For Windows Terminal on Command Prompt: Input bash to switch to Git bash. Note: Commands like Ctrl+Shift+1, Ctrl+Shift+2, etc., are convenient but now require elevated privileges due to recent Windows updates.

Grant Specific Access: Ensure the logged-in user has specific access to the Windows Terminal for CommandGit operations.

Run as Administrator:

  • Modify the CommandGit shortcut properties to always run as an administrator. This grants necessary privileges and avoids additional permission prompts, preventing separate, uncontrollable Windows Terminal instances.
  • For a one-time elevated run, right-click the CommandGit shortcut and select ‘Run as Administrator.’ This allows the use of any tab-switching commands without restrictions.

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